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This is where you can order the 2022 Practical Witch’s Almanac (signed by the author Friday Gladheart). Your almanac will ship out immediately. You can also support the Podcast, order a few select items, or enroll in Witch Academy here. Ordering for the regular supplies of stones, candles, incense, and other items in the shop will be re-enabled after I’m back from the book-signing tour on January 10th.

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The recipient of a gift card may use it to buy anything from Practical Witch including any custom orders and special requests. Gift cards (also known as gift certificates) can also be used for tarot readings and enrollment at Witch Academy. These are awesome for giving to friends when you aren't quite sure what they would prefer, or just when you'd like to give something unique and special.

This is a digital gift card. After the purchase, you will receive an email with the gift card and instructions on how to use it. The card can be used as payment for any products we have including The Practical Witch's Almanac, tarot decks, oil blends, crystals and stones, etc. Contact us if you would like a physical gift card sent to yourself or a gift card recipient.

There is no shipping charge for gift cards.

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Creations made by your Witcharista (Friday Gladheart) and carefully curated delights. Grab a custom perfume just for you, or have Friday design you a special candle, incense, or soap. A few rare books are available while your Witcharista clears out the shelves for new acquisitions. You can order the 2022 Practical Witch’s Almanac here (25th-anniversary edition), and it will be signed by the author.  Free Shipping on orders over $80, flat $8.25 shipping for orders under $80.