Vanilla Magic – Make Extract

Learn to make amazing vanilla extract for gifts or magic, and discover the spiritual and magical properties of this amazing botanical.  In this episode of the podcast Practical Witch Talk, your host Friday Gladheart explains what a “triple fold” vanilla extract is, and how you can make better vanilla at home.  This podcast is produced … Read more

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

       The question I am asked most often is, “What books do you recommend for a beginner Witch, or to give my practice a boost?”.  My gut response is all of them, but of course we are all limited by time and money to varying degrees.  Those who asked me this question twenty years … Read more

What inspired The Practical Witch’s Almanac

Antique Almanacs

  Growing up in a rural setting meant that a farmer’s almanac of some sort or another was always within reach. Prior to the internet, this was some of the only reading material in remote areas and the almanac was a treasure trove of information. I poured over the charts and data for hours, reveling … Read more