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Season Two: 2020-2021


Season two is here!  Podcasts are now about 15 minutes or less and appear with more frequency.  Gradual improvements are becoming noticeable and we’ve been picked up by some of the major streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and Google Podcasts.  As usual, the public episodes appear here and private episodes can be found at Witch Academy or through the Patreon page


Season One: 2020-2021

Vanilla Extract and Incense, Sage, Appropriation were the only two fully public episodes in season one.  This season started out a bit rough for the nascent podcast, but there is some great information in these episodes. They were recorded before I had the proper equipment, software, and a fast server.  All public episodes are on this page in the player, while private episodes are available at Witch Academy or through the Patreon page.

The content of the “Incense, Sage, Appropriation” episode is problematic.  There is good information here, but upon feedback I will only be using white sage that I have grown myself, and will be using rosemary instead of white sage for my smoke cleansing and censing.  I stand firmly on the concept that a culture cannot own a plant, but a there are most definitely closed practicies that utilize a specific plant.  These practices should not be appropriated, and due to the problematic nature of the way white sage is harvested and sold, I will no longer participate in the commercial trade of the plant other than that which I grow myself.

This episode remains up because it demonstrates how we all learn, grow, evolve, and do better.  I’ll record this note at the beginning of the episode when I have a chance.