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Not only is this the best Almanac for Pagans and Witches, but it is also an almanac for Practically everyone!  You will be delighted to see traditional lunar and seasonal information alongside the increased diversity of this edition.  This year's theme is Expanding Horizons.  Holidays from many cultures and spiritual traditions are included as well as birthdays of notable Witches, Pagans, scientists, and individuals who have worked toward equality, civil rights, or expanding our horizons.  Of course, all your favorite information to delight the Practical Witch within is in every edition!

  • Sabbats: Traditional, Exact Cross Quarter Dates & Times, Solstices, Equinoxes
  • Moon Phases & Astrological Signs
  • Eclipses, Meteor Showers, Visible Planets
  • New Planner Format- One Week Per Page
  • Articles, Recipes, Spells, and DIY projects selected to enhance your daily life and enrich your spirit
    Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Secular, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and U.S. Federal Holidays
  • Solstices, Equinoxes, Sabbats
  • Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Meteor Showers, Visible Planets, "Supermoons"
  • Weekly Psychic Insights
  • Gardening & Permaculture
  • Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight
  • Access Free Online Bonuses:
    Wall Calendars, Printable Tarot Decks,
    Coupons, Recipes, Free Gifts,
    Time Conversions and more.

Paperback, 120 Pages
ISBN 978-1-62106-731-3
Paperback $9.95 E-book $6.99
All editions include full-size Wall Calendar downloads and other bonuses!

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5 StarsEvery review on Goodreads is 5 stars, like these:

Rev. Ravyn
Rev. Ravyn on Feb 5, 2019 5.0 out of 5 stars
It was amazing!  "Witch" almanac you need in your life is a highly personal choice and I am certain the author Friday Gladheart understands how truly magickal your plans can be! :) Whether you love having fun while planning your next Sabbat celebration or just jotting down a quick note, this Almanac is accurate and makes my spirit sing. :) This is the most lovely little gem on my desk now, especially since the author signed my copy. :) There are hidden gems 💎 in it that are too much fun and it has a companion website where I can access things in my Google Calendar. The companion website is chock full of bonus content, new monthly fun plus a membership to a pagan teaching website. I am SOLD! I especially enjoy the "What are You Fishing For?" and "Lunar Gardening & Wortcunning" info, as well as the "Almanac Moon Signs" in visual form on the Almanac's days. Interpreting "Theban Script" is easier now, too! 
I am in LOVE with Practical Witch's Almanac and all of the goodies therein! :)"
Ouachita Lover on Feb 03, 2019, 5.0 out of 5 stars
Bought it because the calculations are exact for my area and I wanted to stay alerted to eclipses, meteor showers, moon phases, fishing information, etc. I fell in love with the meticulous crafting and artwork, and obvious, genuine intelligence behind the data, articles, recipes and more. I'm not a Witch, but this is the most practical, beautiful, and interesting almanac I've ever seen.

5 StarsEvery review on Amazon is 5 stars, like this one:

Carol Stanfill on January 24, 2019, 5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent guide for experts or newcomers. So much good information in an easy to read format.

5 StarsEvery review on Etsy is 5 stars, like this one:

Leah McCoy on Jan 24, 2019, 5 out of 5 stars
This witch’s almanac is the best I love it, so very thorough, detailed, and easy to understand. Please don’t stop making this for the years to come 🔮

5 StarsEvery review on Google Books is 5 stars, like these:

User Review: Simply the best! After I translated the Witch's Runes in the back I could get the access codes to download full-size wall calendars from the website and get the iCal version of the almanac to import onto my phone. Definitely worth the cover price just for the online bonuses, but this is an almanac I will keep around long after the calendar pages are out of date. 

User Review: Just got mine in the mail and WOW. This is way more than I expected!!! So easy to use. The calendar pages are set up with lots of room for my notes, and everything is so beautiful. Obviously a labor of love.

User Review: The most usable and beautiful almanac ever! Everything you need for daily living plus information for astrological, astronomical, and spiritual events. Not only are the Sabbats and moon phases clearly marked, there are holidays for all major religions so you can coordinate with others who are not on the same spiritual path. Easy to read larger print than other almanacs, and the symbols are clear and simple. I cannot say enough about this amazing book. Keep your old copies for all of the recipes, DIY project, articles, and reference charts. No matter what year's edition you get, the content is timeless! 

Plus some Twitter mentions:

@johnnybfever Not only is it proper, it is beneficial to support the “arts”. I received this wonderful package today from @practical_witch. But wait, not only did I receive The 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac, there were surprises as well. With gratitude and appreciation.  You can sign me up for next years edition now. As described, regardless of a person's path, it has useful information and it can literally be used as a daily planner. I will share this little gem with my circles. Wonderful. Delighted I cross your path. LLL



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Friday Gladheart

Friday Gladheart is the author and illustrator of the Practical Witch's Almanac, which has been in publication for over 22 years. Friday's articles and have appeared in numerous Pagan, Wiccan, and secular publications. In 1996 she founded PaganPath.com, the oldest and most highly respected online academy for Witchcraft, tarot, and herbalism. She spends her days teaching, writing, and creating websites while developing a non-profit, organic teaching garden and sanctuary near a National Forest in the southern United States.      Want to know more?

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