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Lowest price available. Practical Witch partners with Witch Academy to bring you the best enrollment price available. Witch Academy is the oldest and most highly respected online academy for learning Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, and magic. Since 1996 we have been exploring Earth-based spiritual and magical paths together. Read lessons and take exams, listen to your courses in podcasts, check out the videos, live chats.

The re-boot of the Academy for the past year means that now there are multiple instructors, and eventually you will be able to offer your own classes in the new academy!Current courses offered are Tarot Proficiency (learn to read the cards), Comprehensive Witchcraft, and Wortcunning (Herbalism/Herbology).

Witch Academy was founded by Friday Gladheart, the author of The Practical Witches Almanac. You can join here on the official site at a discount off the regular enrollment!

Enrollment applications are screened by hand, so after you checkout, it can take up to 24 hours to receive your orientation materials and login.

Practical Witch offer two comprehensive Memberships to Witch Academy. Annual (yearly) and Lifetime. These both include all access to the Podcasts.

These two enrollments options both give you full access to all materials and every course offered at a special rate just for Practical Witch visitors.

We also offer monthly access to the Practical Witch Podcast, a cooperative effort with Witch Academy & Practical Witch. Your single month's access of $3 helps support hard working witches. Learn more about the Podcast on Friday Gladheart's Patreon page here. If you like the single month's selections, consider using Patreon to subscribe automatically.

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