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Clear & Shield Incense

Palo Santo and Copal
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This is an incredible incense for purification, protection, manifestation, and blessing. It raises spiritual vibrations and clears negativity like the sun coming out after weeks of rain. Clear & Shield has a wonderful wood, resin, and balsam fragrance. It can be used for all types of smoke cleansing and more!

  • Blessing
  • Cleanse and protect crystals and altar tools, homes, businesses, ritual areas, and more
  • Meditation
  • Astral travel, dreams, and working between the worlds
  • Preparing the self and spaces for shamanic experiences and trips
  • Manifestation

This is a synergistic blend with no artificial fragrances or ingredients - traditional incense used on incense charcoals.

Jars contain about 25 grams (almost an ounce). Pouches are 10 grams.

Palo Santo is a sacred wood that provides a woodsy aroma. It is held in great esteem for its ability to cleanse and protect, as well as elevate spiritual vibrations. It drives away negativity, clears obstacles, calms and relaxes emotions, and draws luck. I've combined this powerful wood with Copal, known for its ability to remove energy blockages and raise spiritual vibrations. Copal is uplifting and releases stress while busting through stagnant energies.

About our Palo Santo
Wood from this aromatic tree is gathered from fallen branches by farmers under the regulation of the government of Peru. Palo santo is carefully protected by these farmers and they are compensated with a fair wage far above the standard in the area.

Ingredients: Palo santo, true copal, essential oils, mica*, natural plant pigments
*Mica reduces mental negativity, balances left/right brain functions, opens psychic abilities, and increases focus.

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