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Black Salt

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Excellent, food-grade, natural black sea salt from Hawaii. This is a nice, medium-coarse texture and is amazing for banishing, strong purification, and protection.

Use for rituals or as a gourmet treat! (Please note that THIS black salt is food safe, but MOST others are not.) This salt is evaporated by the sun in pools that formed naturally from lava flows. The purified volcanic lava charcoal is great for detoxifying as well as banishing, and the rich color and crunchy grains add a dramatic finish to any meal.

Available in 1 ounce or 2 ounce pouches. An ounce of black salt is about 1 1/2 Tablespoons, two ounces is about 3 Tablespoons. My scale is accurate to ± 0.1 oz, so all weights are rounded up to insure you get exactly what you ordered, or even a bit more. Items are weighed without packaging so you never pay for the weight of the pouch.

Herbs, botanicals, and spell ingredients from Practical Witch are packaged in Food-safe, BPA free, odor-proof, medical grade, zipper-lock, Mylar pouches.

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