The Practical Witch's Almanac (signed)

Sabbats, Spells, Magickal Correspondences, Articles, Recipes, Astrological and Astronomical info, Moon Phases, Trivia, Guides to Tarot, Herbs, Stones, Runes, Candles, Colors and everything you need to get you in touch with the Practical Witch within you.


Cimaruta Charm

The Cimaruta, a Charm of the Old Religion and used by traditional Witches of many paths, but especially Stregheria and Dianic Witches. Featured in the 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac, pronounced Chee-mah-roo-tah...


Pendulum - Lapis Lazuli

Your 2020 Practical Witch's Almanac covers the use of pendulums and includes a pendulum board.  We were inspired to find some great pendulums for you to use and found these. Copper, Genuine Lapis Lazuli stone and. . .


Unique Rune Set: Hair, Divination, Jewelry

These versatile runes are so practical! You can use them for divination, or wear some on a necklace, weave into your hair, or use as buttons!  Runes are featured in every edition of The Practical Witch's Almanac. . .