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Brightest Blessings to You!
This evening begins a magical time of year. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating Samhain, while in the Southern Hemisphere we may be celebrating Beltain. Magic and wonder fill the air, candles or bonfires are lit, and celebrations often continue for several days through to the cross-quarter.
The exact cross-quarter occurs when the earth is halfway between an equinox and a solstice on its path around the sun. This occurs at 10:50 pm (Central Time) on November 6th. This is also when the sun is at 15° Scorpio. Check page 124 of your Practical Witch's Almanac 2021 for times and dates in areas outside of Central Time.
For the next week, Practical Witch will be bringing you special features, podcasts, and surprises to celebrate. Follow us on the social channels to see the fun stuff.

Almanac Highlights

Thursday, November 4th
The New Moon in Scorpio begins the Witch's New Year with the energy of transformation and change. Work with its energy to break old habits or make changes in your life. In the evening the dark sky will offer better viewing of shooting stars from the Taurids Meteor Shower.
Friday, November 5th
Good viewing of the Taurids continues, while the moon is at Perigee (closest to the earth). Connect with the new moon energy as it begins to wax fuller over the next few days.
Saturday, November 6th
As mentioned above, the exact cross-quarter for the Samhain/Beltain Sabbat is at 10:50 pm Central Time. Convert to your time zone with the chart in your almanac, or sync the digital version of the almanac with your device to have it display events in your time zone.


Practical Witch Talk Podcast with Friday Gladheart


The podcast Practical Witch Talk has a new distribution server for faster speeds. Season 1 had a lot of private episodes, but season 2 just started and you'll see weekly episodes. Great news, we've been picked up by Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music. This makes it much easier to find Practical Witch Talk for your listening pleasure.

2022 Almanac

The 25th anniversary edition is currently at the printers and will be arriving any day. The printer will be sending author copies directly to me, and I'll be signing your copies and mailing them within 48 hours of their arrival. The printer estimates they will arrive mid-November, so you should definitely receive your copies before Yule.

Shop Semi-Holiday

I'll be on the annual book-signing tour so the shop will be partly closed from November 10 to December 5. You can order 2022 Almanacs at any time, and I'll sign and ship them from wherever I'm located in my travels. You can still support the Podcast (which gives you access to any private episodes) or enroll in Witch Academy. Ordering for all other items in the shop will be temporarily disabled until I return. If you need a custom perfume, candle, or soap, or a crystal, used or rare book, or other items, please order before November 10th. Visit the Practical Witch Shop

Thank you and blessed be,
Friday Gladheart
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