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2024 Practical Witch's Almanac - Signed

Signed by the Author
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ISBN: 9781648411625
Year: 2024

New stock arriving January 12th

The annual planner and guide to everything under the sun (and a few other celestial bodies) is back! From moon phases to herbalism, the Practical Witch’s Almanac has something for every witch.

For over 25 years, The Practical Witch’s Almanac has offered guidance for witches worldwide. This daily companion will aid you on your spiritual journey, with lessons on herbalism, divination, magic, and Witchcraft. More than just moon phases, the Almanac contains recipes, DIY projects, tips, and advice to keep you motivated and engaged as you grow your craft.

2024 Theme: Grow Your Craft

It’s all about empowering you and inspiring your creativity.

This is the year to embrace your power and use your magic to grow, heal, and be your authentic, Witchy self!

This edition has everything you’ve come to depend on, including:
• Sabbats, exact Cross-Quarters & Holidays
• Moon Phases & Astrological Signs
• Meteor Showers, Blue Moons & Eclipses
• Trivia & Historical Tidbits
• Magical Correspondence for: herbs, stones, crystals, colors, tarot
cards, runes, and more.
• and, of course, DIY projects, Spells, Rituals, Meditations, Exercises, and Recipes.

Every year the almanac maintains its position for several months in the top 50 best sellers on Amazon in the categories of Occultism, Wicca, Paganism, and Witchcraft. Support the author directly by purchasing here at the official Practical Witch.com website. Your copy will be signed and shipped by the author.

Dimensions: 6" X 9" X 0.5"
ISBN: 9781648411144
Expected Shipping Date: September 7, 2023

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