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Witchcraft Anointing Oil and Perfume

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Uplifting & Empowering
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This unisex fragrance perfect for ritual use and personal fragrance for any gender or non-gender.

It is great for drawing your inner power to the surface, allowing you to access your magic more freely. Helpful with manifesting, cleansing, consecration, blessing, protection, banishing, healing, or any other spiritual or magical intent.

Blended with the highest grade essential oils. Sandalwood, amber, vetiver, labdanum, oak moss, rose absolute, and many more. Amber and wood dominant notes, with soft notes of incense and just a whisper of citrus, green floral, and spice. This fragrance is not like any other and is difficult to describe. It is familiar, but exotic. You catch a whiff and want to smell it again. Intriguing, seductive, and magickal!

This blend is a wonderful non-gender fragrance that will blend with your personal body chemistry and aura. A few minutes after application you will notice your energy surging. This increase in personal power combines perfectly with the enhancing properties of the oil to give you the extra boost to accomplish your goals.

Each vial contains a small clear quartz crystal collected in Montgomery County, Arkansas. Many are small, perfect, extremely clear, double terminated crystals known as Arkimer crystals (after the New York version of Herkimer). Alternately a few contain included crystals known as phantom quartz from one of the last remaining mines in Arkansas. In addition each vial includes a small piece of dragon's blood resin as an extra power boost.

Witchcraft oil will smell differently on every individual. Ten minutes after application you will be able to get the full affect of its energy and fragrance tuned to you. Use as a personal fragrance or as a ritual oil for anointing candles or other magical and spiritual tools.

10 mL glass vial with surgical stainless steel roller ball and BPA-free medical grade plastic cap.

Ingredients: Jojoba (organic cold-pressed) and organic essential oils of sandalwood, vetiver, benzoin, labdanum, oak moss, helichrysum, lavender, cinnamon, holy basil, and dozens more along with absolutes (CO2 extractions) of damask rose, bourbon vanilla, champak (Bodhi tree), blue lotus, oud (aloeswood), sandalwood, and many more.

Expertly blended by Friday Gladheart who has over 35 years of experience in custom perfumery and Witchcraft.

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