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Stone Holder Necklace with Stones

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Also holds small spell bottles!
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A simple, natural, metal-free solution for carrying stones and crystals! Carry your magic with you without filling your pockets or bra with heavy stones. Stones carried in pockets can become damaged by keys and change. These holder necklaces keep your crystals close to your body and near your heart.

This is a hand made stone holder necklaces that can also be used to carry small spell jars and bottles. It is adjustable to hold a wide range of items. Place a stone in the net and tighten the bead to lock it into place. Use it as a necklace or a bracelet. As a necklace, it is about 18 inches long but will adjust to different lengths.

Choose black color or fawn color. Your order comes with one necklace and three free stones (Amethyst, Jet, Aventurine, Quartz, etc. Our choice). Friday Gladheart will intuitively select the highest quality stones for you.

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