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Large tumble-polished stones
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We will select a polished malachite stone from among those pictured. Each stone is about 1.5 in. x 1 in. x 1 in. They are lovely, and have amazing energy.

Malachite is a beautiful, green-banded natural healing stone. Each piece we offer is a large, premium grade piece for healing, spiritual, and magical use. They are perfect for incorporating into spells, pouches, healing layouts, and hundreds of other uses.

Magical, Healing & Spiritual Uses

Malachite has been used for thousands of years and has a long résumé of properties. It is a great therapy stone for gaining wisdom about yourself and others. This makes it perfect for understanding leadership roles from management to coven organization. It also makes it extremely effective for managing depression, PTSD, calming and balancing - a great stone to use while working with shadows or during therapy sessions. It is a favorite stone for healing, both physically and mentally.

Malachite is a highly energetic stone and generously boosts magical and psychic workings and spells. It shows you the patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and actions. This makes it a perfect stone for psychic readers and divination, as well as for healing trauma, opening up to love, understanding others, and discerning likely probabilities for the future. Practical Witch combines Malachite with Rose Quartz to promote loving and accepting yourself.

Malachite is a top candidate when choosing a stone for clarity and reasoning. It also promotes memory and helps in recovering suppressed memories. When used during study, it can help with concentration and data retention.

It has long been associated with eyes, and in ancient Egypt it was ground into a powder for use in cosmetics, particularly eye shadow. Malachite is used for eye support and to promote psychic and inner vision. It promotes dreams and improves dream recall. At Practical Witch we've experimented extensively with Malachite and have found that when you combine it with celestite and clear quartz crystals this dream power is amplified. Place the three types of stones under or next to your bed.

Malachite is an important protection stone, and Practical Witch staff has found that combining it with turquoise and/or black tourmaline make a strong shielding trio.

Brief History

The Book of the Dead indicates that the ancient Egyptians believed that the goddess of the sky “drops stars on the earth in the form of green stones”. Malachite is dedicated to Hathor and Egyptian Goddesses. Egyptians used the powdered stone in cosmetics, especially eye shadow, and in ritual jewelry and art. Used for engraving talismans in Russia for fulfilling wishes, and associated with the Roman Goddess Juno.

Quick Uses List

  • Protection & Shielding
  • Encourages Empathy and Understanding of Self & Other
  • Promote Good Health & Healing
  • Lifts Moon & Reduces Depression
  • Promotes Good Vision, Inner Vision, and Psychic Skills
  • Boosts Charisma
  • Helps Distinguish Truth from Lies
  • Uncovers Suppressed Memories
  • PTSD Support
  • Breaks Patterns & Encourages Change
  • Reduces Insomnia, Promotes Dreams, Lucid Dreams, and Dream Retention
  • Calming, Provides Stability and Balance
  • Boosts Magical, Psychic & Spiritual Energy
  • Promotes Wisdom & Wise Leadership
  • Removes Emotional Blocks, (works with all chakras, especially 4th/heart) - opens heart
  • Assists Positive Transformation & New Beginnings
  • Promotes Emotional and Physical Health & Well Being

Mohs Hardness of 4 (harder than selenite, softer than quartz)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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