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Glamoury Witch Mask

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This exquisite, spa quality face mask is the same formula I've been providing to spas and boutiques for decades. It is a major component in Friday Gladheart's Glamoury skin care series.

Glamoury Witch Mask is Infused with essential oils to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, bringing needed nutrients to the skin while washing toxins away.

A special type of Frankincense resin is included in the formula due to it's proven performance in numerous scientific studies in aiding with collagen development. This formula also contains grapeseed anthocyanidins, and an extremely potent 20x green tea extract.

This is a professional style face mask that is powdered. Each jar contains between 10 and 20 masks. Mix it with warm water or tea (such as chamomile or green tea) to the desired consistency. Thin blends can be painted on with a soft makeup brush, or use a thick paste for deep and intensive cleaning and microdermabrasion.

Once applied, the mask will become quite cold as it cures. Because of this cooling effect, it is important to not apply the mask more than 25% of your total body skin surface.

Once it has cured, it begins to warm up and you will feel your skin become tingly, warm, and alive as your circulation increases, bringing healing nutrients from your blood to the surface while removing deep impurities.

Because this is an extremely deep cleaning mask, it is not recommended for use more than once a week except by professionals. Always follow up your mask with a quality moisturizer or face cream such as Friday's glamoury cream.

Reaction Test: mix one half teaspoon of mask with one half teaspoon of water. Apply to the inner arm and allowed to remain on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and check for reaction. Note that it is normal and desirable to see redness at the application site for up to an hour. This is due to the greatly increased blood circulation caused by the mask. Within an hour the redness will subside and your skin will feel smooth, soft, and clear.

If you have redness that continues beyond an hour or two, or any other reactions such as itching or rash, discontinue use immediately and return the product for a full refund.

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