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Powerful Protection Ward
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Dragon Roots are very special protective wards created by Friday Gladheart just once a year. They are specifically created to protect a person or place from spiritual harm, nightmares, hexes, curses, evil eye, magickal attacks, psychic vampires, excessive gossip, and baneful spirits. These are very powerful and will provide a lifetime of protection. They easily repel most minor attacks, and larger attacks are absorbed by the Dragon Root and cause the root to become more powerful.

To activate your Dragon Root, hold it in front of you and give it a name. Repeat the name three times. Once you name it, it is beholden to you and those under your personal protection (such as those you consider family living with you and guests within your charge).

All you have to do next is simply hang your Dragon Root over your entry door, above the hearth, in the kitchen, bedroom, or any place in your home. They do not need to be recharged because they grow in power as they absorb negativity, serving you better and better as the years go by. After absorbing and repelling a few attacks (either intentionally or unintentionally directed at you), you will notice they take on something of a personality. Every once in a while, greet your Dragon Root by using its name. For example, say "hello your-dragon-root's-name" when you catch sight of it when you come home or when you are occasionally dusting.

No need to feed them or recharge them, but they do enjoy a good exposure to sunlight or moonlight once a year.

Many steps go into creating Dragon Roots, and many of these steps are closely guarded secrets, but I'd like to share the basic step with some pictures I've taken along the way.

  1. Powerful thorn roots, grown at The Practical Witch sanctuary, are harvested, cleaned, and carefully selected by hand for their high energy by your Witcharista, Friday Gladheart.
  2. Special resins of Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Mastic, and the excretions of two different beetles are ground to a fine powder.
  3. A tincture is made from the resins and allowed to extract for three weeks.
  4. On the Midsummer Sabbat, essential oils are added to the secret tincture recipe and the thorn roots are infused.
  5. The newly born Dragon Roots are allowed to bathe in the Summer Solstice sunshine.
  6. Dragon Roots are ready for you!
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