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Dalai Lama's Blessing Incense

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As an incense maker, I'm picky about buying incense but Dalai Lama's Blessing Incense has been one of my top favorites for over 30 years. This is a hand-rolled incense made from only natural herbs and spices in strict accordance to ancient recipes. This incense does not contain any glues, dyes, or synthetic ingredients. It is my favorite meditation incense and helps me focus on my Witchcraft studies, helps me prepare for rituals and spells, and puts me in a magical mind-set.

It is used for purification, offerings, and blessings; but it is well suited to any ritual or magical purpose. It has a mild juniper/pine scent and reminds me of ritual fires in the woods. Description from the Buddhist Herbal Research Center at Potala Tibet:

The Dalai Lama Blessing incense is used as an offering incense by
Buddhists and others for the purpose of meditation and purifying. This
incense is collectively made out of various Aromatic, organic herbs
found in high altitude regions of Tibet and the plains of Nepal, and is
made under strict control of Traditional Tibetan handmade incense
following the key instructions of Renowned Herb Masters.

You receive one bundle of about 37 sticks. Each stick is 10 inches long and burns a long time, about 1 or 2 hours. You can break a stick in half or smaller pieces for shorter burn times as desired.

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