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One-of-a-kind, expertly blended magickal, intention, and aromatherapy candles contain over an ounce of essential oils in every candle along with 100% organic, biodegradable, sustainable vegetable wax. A small vial of the oil used to make your candle is included FREE for you to use for anointing, candle dressing, or as directed in the accompanying ritual, spell, or meditation. Use the options if you would like a larger vial of the matching oil.

Wicks are made of a spiral curl of sustainable harvested cherry wood to help send your energy and intent spiraling out into the universe. You may substitute a standard cotton wick if you prefer, simply say so in your request.

Large 10 - 11 ounce candle jars with flat glass tops burn for at least 50 hours.

Each candle is made specifically for you and no two are alike, but your candle will probably contain stones, crystals, herbs, resins, amulets, etc. That said, practicality is a must and even with these inclusions you're candle will burn clean to the very end without nasty flair-ups.

Hand-poured on the correct Lunar phase, day, and hour for your magical intentions.

These premium intention candles are excellent for spells, magick, spiritual work, ancestral work, shadow work, aromatherapy, or simply for their beauty and quality.

The food-safe jars are practical of course and can be reused for your own apothecary, organization, and storage needs.

To order your custom-made candle, simply describe your needs and intent- choose a color - and your candle will be formulated and created for you at the Apothecary by Friday Gladheart (author of The Practical Witch's Almanac). If you don't pick a color, then the one most appropriate for your goal is chosen for you.) Two-tone (such as uncrossing and hex reversal candles) and multi-color candles (Rainbow Chakra) can be made upon your request.

Just add your intention and spark your magic! Complete instructions and suggested ritual and meditation is included with each candle.

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