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Genuine, hand crafted soap. Made the old fashioned way, but with more precision! This is the real stuff, not melt and pour. We carefully calculate and prepare all ingredients to insure that there is 6% lye deficit, which means that the essential oils, shea butter, and other conditioning oils are not saponified and are freely available to soften, moisturize, and condition your skin. Note that expertly made lye soap like this contains no traces of lye and is safer for skin that other soaps. For any skin type, sensitivity, or needs.

Made with all-natural ingredients, pure essential oils and botanicals.

Custom orders require ordering an entire small loaf which measures about 9 inches long by 3.5 inches tall and wide. This is around 9 or 10 bars of soap measuring 3.5 inches square and about 1 inch thick. I will cut the loaf before shipping it to you. If you would like your soap uncut, or cut into fat bars, just let us know in the notes section here.

Artistic license will come into play here, meaning that I might add a swirl of color to your soap, sprinkle some petals or herbs on the top to make it beautiful (and for their magical and spiritual properties), or I might paint designs on the surface with natural mineral pigments.

Floating Soaps are $30 Extra, but do you need it to float?

If you don't need it to float, you can order the same soap for much less and you'll get it faster!

Sometimes I create something just to prove that it can be done. Ivory® is the only mass market soap that floats, a novelty from my childhood that has always fascinated me. No other soap makers (small or corporate) were making floating soap and I took to task the challenge of creating a floating black soap and named it Ebony. It was so fun that I made others such as Impossible Black Soap and Clean and Clear,. You may have come across these soaps at metaphysical stores, farmer's markets, or boutiques and you can order them directly from me here. However, please be aware that floating soap requires a considerable amount of extra processing, along with an extra 10 days of production time.

A bit of trivia: Ivory® is a registered trademark as of Proctor & Gamble. It got its start at the JB Williams Company in Vermont in the late 1800s as Ivorine!

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