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Creations made by your Witcharista (Friday Gladheart) and carefully curated delights. Grab a custom perfume just for you, or have Friday design you a special candle, incense, or soap. A few rare books are available while your Witcharista clears out the shelves for new acquisitions. You can pre-order the 2022 Practical Witch’s Almanac here (25th-anniversary edition), and it will be signed by the author. If you order other items with your pre-order, they will be shipped at the same time as your almanac. The printer estimates the 2022 edition should arrive here at the sanctuary around November 18th and they will be shipped to you as soon as they arrive. Orders without the 2022 almanac are shipped immediately. Free Shipping on orders over $60, flat $8.25 shipping for orders under $60.


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Hey it happens, I get a bunch of new stones in and I think "oh, I'll remember what this Stone is, it's so clear and obvious" and a few months pass and life throws a bunch of irons in your fire and you forget.

Maybe you can identify them or maybe we can identify them together, but when you place an order for Confusionite you get a small handful of about 6 to 10 beautiful tumble-polished stones with great energy and no known identity.

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