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Practical Witch offers ultra-premium catnip (Nepeta cataria). It is organically grown by Friday Gladheart and harvested at its peak potency (usually on a Sabbat or a Full Moon). It is sure to please you and your feline friends. It can be used for tea, smoking mixtures, cat toys, spells, etc.

Catnip is safe and natural entertainment for your feline familiars but don't let them have all the fun! Catnip is excellent in soothing teas for stress relief and lucid dreaming, and can aid in astral projection, scrying, and divination. It is also great in prosperity and love mixtures. Catnip makes a great addition to smoking blends with other herbs such as damiana, skullcap, mullien, peppermint, and many others.


Ultra-premium is only the finest bud tips of special catnip plants grown for their potency magically and medicinally.

These are the most potent catnip buds and tips in the world, with three to ten times the essential oil content of regular catnip. Friday Gladheart has been breeding and organically growing this natural selection of Nepeta cataria since the late 1990s and has named it Goddess-mother selection.

This is not a hybrid, it is the offspring of a regular catnip plant selected for its superior potency. The seeds from this original plant are grown every year and the very best of the offspring is chosen as the seed donor for the following year. Over the decades, the selection has become "crazy potent"! Using the skills and knowledge normally applied to cann*bis cultivation, Friday Gladheart grows extremely potent, natural strains of select herbs such as this catnip, rosemary, wormwood, mugwort, and others.

Catnip buds are hand-selected from the very top of the plants and carefully trimmed. There is a very limited supply of top-shelf Goddess-mother buds each year. Available in 4 gram food and pharmaceutical safe (dispensary-quality) locking pouches.

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