The Practical Witch's Almanac: 2021 Crafting Your Magic

The 24th annual edition of Friday Gladheart's beloved almanac is focused on Crafting Your Magic. Special planner pages, worksheets, and articles are included to help you achieve your goals, discover your hidden talents, and explore the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, no matter what kind of magic you practice. The projects, articles, and ideas will motivate you to hone your witchy skills no matter your current level of expertise, including divination (tarot, runes, pendulum), herbalism & wortcunning, and using nature's gifts of stones, crystals, and minerals. It can also be used as a companion study guide to the traditional "year and a day" of study prior to initiation or solitary dedication. And as always, it contains astrological and astronomical information, moon phases, trivia, recipes, Sabbats, historical tidbits, and everything you need to get you in touch with the Practical Witch within you.
Each edition you purchase from Practical Witch (the official site for the almanac) is signed by the author and comes with free samples and gifts such as incense, stones, crystals, or other goodies.
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Reviews from Last Year's Almanac, and 2021 is even better!

As of Sept. 22, 2020:
Overall Goodreads Review: 5 Stars
Overall Amazon Rating: 4.7 Stars
Overall Goodreads Rating: 4.55 Stars

Amazon & Goodreads Reviews

5 Stars from Doc
Better than expected!  My wife and I were very impressed with the research and candid nature of writing that went into this. So often you find that the "expert" that wrote a book on this subject is either focused in a very narrow field, is not as knowledgeable as they say, or is writing to the beginner only. This was well researched and planned out by some folks who truly know the craft. Plus the extra activities and articles are very welcomed. Well done. And it got here super fast... Like 24 hrs fast. Seriously, great job. 

4 Stars from Dawn Killen-Courtney
What You Need to Know and Fun Stuff Too!
It's taken me long enough to post this, but I do want to say what a great almanac this is! I really enjoy almanacs, and to have one specifically geared towards the Wiccan/Pagan path and yet retain the feel of a good old time almanac is quite a satisfying surprise. Thank you, Friday Gladheart.

5 stars from Alex
This was more than I was expecting. Definitely worth it (even in the middle of the year!) there’s a lot of information and I love how it’s broken down into week by week things to study and learn about, it’s good for someone who just started or has been on their path for years.

5 Stars from Amy Davis
I didn’t know how much I needed this book until I saw it. Really. Friday Gladheart’s Practical Witch’s Almanac is beautifully written and provides exactly the information we need to do what we do. Love the Notes sections as well! I hope she continues to these every year!

5 Stars from Karrie Russel
I love her Almanacs! I got last year's and just got 2020! It’s a must-have! There is so much reading material and magic in her books.

Respected author Dorothy Morrison says this about The Practical Witch's Almanac
5 Stars from Laura
A must-have if you are an organized witch. I'm a calendar/planner person myself and getting into the witchy-world finding one that spoke to me was REALLY HARD. I decided to go for Gladheart's Almanac because it felt right, like it had everything I wanted (which was basically a combination of my OCD self and the witch I was remembering I was). The almanac arrived a couple of days ago and OMG did I made the right choice! This calendar is like a Practical How To's on Witchery that feels like if a ...more

5 Stars from Tom
I am so very impressed! This is the best Almanac I've ever used.


  • Item Weight : 6 ounces
  • Paperback : 160 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1621060659
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1621060659
  • Publisher : Microcosm Pub (July 11, 2019)
  • Book Dimensions : 5.75 x 0.5 x 8.25 inches

Outside of the United States?  Order your Practical Witch's Almanac directly from the publisher here to save on shipping.


SilverMoon on 22-Sep-2020 01:25 PM
I LOVE this Almanac! It has everything I was looking for and so much more that I didn't realize I needed. So beautiful and PRACTICAL!
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