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The Practical Witch's Almanac: 2021 Crafting Your Magic

Get in touch with the Practical Witch in you with planner pages for each week, Sabbats, Moon Phases & Signs, Holidays, Trivia, and many projects, articles, and study guides to help you at any level of experience and expertise. Signed edition with free gifts!


Banishing Soap

All-natural ebony bars with charcoal that floats!


SALE! The 2020 Practical Witch's Almanac: Walking Your Path (Signed)

$3 off the cover price! One-page-per-week personal planner and helpful study guide; original articles, spells, and recipes; monthly study prompts; magical correspondences for herbs, tarot, runes, and colors; Sabbats, Moon Signs & Phases, Eclipses, Meteor Showers, Holidays, Trivia


Mjölnir Pendant Gold Trim

Mjölnir pendant with gold trim


Sterling Silver Pentagram Star Pendant Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant on a 17 3/4 inch (45cm) Box Chain.


Red jeweled Pentacle

Pentacle is set with 6 red gems


Triple Moon Pentacle Charm

Silver tone Triple Moon Pentacle charm


Witch's Wall Calendar FREE Download or $2 Printed

A free bonus for owners of The Practical Witch's Almanac.  One page per month, February 2020 through December 2020.


Full Moon Incense

Full Moon is one of the flagship creations of the Practical Witch Apothecary. This special powder is formulated during the full phase of the Moon to evokes the intoxicating fragrance of the forest in moonlight. Designed to stimulate your psychic, intuitive, and magical abilities for better manifestation and meditation. Full Moon powder ages gracefully, and even after decades in storage, it will only improve in fragrance.


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