Scythe of Purn / Axe of Perun - Celtic, Slavic

This design is based on artifacts found in the Slavic regions of Northern Europe.  Also known as a hatchet amulet, it is worn for protection and is considered by some to be the counterpart to the Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer).  The traditional zig-zag edge design is said to represent decorative metalwork on actual axes in use at the time, and to represent lightning.  This well-constructed pendant features a triquetra design in the center.

The Triquetra symbol represents three - three aspects of the Goddess (triple Goddess), the Holy Trinity, Land - Sea - Sky, etc.  It is worn by followers of Pagan, Wiccan, and Christian paths, and is used by Witches (of any or no religious affiliation) as a symbol of protection.

Silver-toned metal* on a 19-inch adjustable black satin cord.

* Our pendants do not contain heavy metals, mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.

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