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For almost 25 years, Friday Gladheart has been serving the online community with educational and entertaining content.  In 1996 Friday founded and began teaching classes in herbalism, tarot, and Witchcraft.  The Practical Witch’s Almanac began at the Academy and now has a worldwide audience.


This is the place to find bonus features for your almanac including calendar sync with your Google or iOS calendar, printable templates and wall calendars, and monthly study guides.

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Practical Witch Apothecary

Practical Witch Apothecary is where you will find unique items created by Friday and other instructors at Witch Academy.  These items are carefully researched and expertly crafted.  Pure essential oils, unique quartz crystals found right here at the Practical Witch Sanctuary, and one-of-a-kind creations made by experienced practitioners.

Look What’s Happening this Year!

Practical Witch Podcast

New Podcast

Promote creative Witches! Get our podcast (Practical Witch Talk) through Patreon for just $3 a month or free through your enrollment. Some episodes are released on Spotify free here.

My Book of Shadows Online

Directories Online

To add more great features to the 2021 Practical Witch’s Almanac, the directory of correspondences is going online! Find magical and metaphysical correspondences for stones, oils, tarot, crystals, runes, colors, and more soon.

Witch Academy witchcraft school

Founded in 1996, the Academy has grown and expanded. The new Academy allows for more instructors and new media such as videos, podcasts, and interactive chats. Academy | Discount Enrollment

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Practical, honest readings by skilled psychics and Witches. Have Friday Gladheart read your cards, or grab a student reading for a discount to help Academy students fine-tune their amazing skills. Tarot Readings are here.

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Practical articles with information you can actually use.  This is beyond the spell-a-day style almanac.  Instead, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your natural magic and the foundations of how spells are created so you can harness your power for the rest of your life.

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