Full Moon Incense

This is an ultra-premium incense powder for use over charcoals or with a cone former. Its fragrance and energy are sublime, mysterious, and seductive.

This is the Practical Witch flagship incense that has been made on full moons since 1989. It has a soft woody scent with complex layers of sacred resins to compliment meditation, yoga, study, divination, spells, healing, and energy work of all types. It is used for purification, blessing, manifestation, and to induce a sense of calm, peace, and harmony.

The scent can be described as what moonlight streaming into a forest where Witches dance in spirals smells like. It is a perfect accompaniment to Sabbat celebrations, rituals, and full moon Esbats.

Made with Sandalwood, Frankincense, Copal, Vanilla Beans, Benzoin, herbs, spices, and 13 essential oils. Use over charcoals or with a cone former (see related products).

Jar of 20 grams with a small incense spoon. The spoon fits inside the jar easily. The jar lid has an inner liner to prevent spillage and ensure maximum potency. Made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. No synthetic/artificial fragrances.

Available here at the Practical Witch Shop, or order it wholesale for your store through Practical Witch on Faire.