Books from a Witch’s Estate (cabin) Sale

The Witch’s Estate (cabin) Sale continues! Friday Gladheart is clearing out over half of her book collection. Many rare and unusual titles! All books are in good to fair condition, some are like new. Due to their age, expect some books to have pages and edges with yellowing and covers show wear, and in a few there may be underlining, highlighting, and or writing.

The list below is archived, for the Current List of Available Books check out the sale page here!

Books can be seen in person at The Parlour in Hot Springs, Arkansas on 340 Ouachita Avenue.


1001. The God of the Witches By Margaret A. Murray (1973 hardcover $25 – RARE)
0003. Raising Hell : A Concise History of the Black Arts and Those Who Dared Practice Them by Robert Masello (paperback $17 – RARE)
0017. The Magician’s Workbook: Practicing the Rituals of the Western Tradition by Donald Tyson (paperback $50 – RARE OUT OF PRINT, currently listed on Amazon for $139)
0001. Home Coffee Roasting : Romance and Revival by Kenneth Davids (paperback $3)
0011. A Witch’s Grimoire of Ancient Omens, Portents, Talismans, Amulets, and Charms by Gavin and Yvonne Frost (paperback $40 EXTREMELY RARE EDITION)
0004. The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca
by Kerr Cuhulain (paperback $5)
0002. The Art of Happiness, 10th Anniversary Edition : A Handbook for Living by Dalai Lama XIV and Howard C. Cutler (hardcover $4)
0005. Witches Dozen
by Stewart Farrar (hardcover $18 – VERY RARE)
0006. The Burning Time by Robin Morgan (paperback $4 – great summer fiction read)
0007. A Modern Herbal: The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic, and Economic Properties, Cultivation, and Folklore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs, and Trees with All Their Modern Scientific Uses (hardcover $20)
0018. Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life – members of both the “poly-curious” and polyamorous communities – takes you on a journey into honesty, awareness and self-exploration about love, jealousy, sex, and letting go of control. (paperback $10)
0008. Llewellyn;s Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense and Well-Being, 1989 (paperback $6)
Indian Doctor: Nature’s Method of Curing and Preventing Disease According to the Indians Paperback – January 1, 1985
by Nancy Locke Doane (paperback $5 – Rare)
0010. My Life With the Spirits: The Adventures of a Modern Magician
by Lon Milo DuQuette, 1999 ($15 – RARE)
0012. Jeanne Rose’s Herbal Body Book
by Jeanne Rose, 1976 (paperback $20 – RARE)
0013. Scents and Scentuality: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Love, Romance, and Sex by Valerie Ann Worwood (paperback $5)
0014. Gateway to Inner Space: Sacred Plants, Mysticism and Psychotherapy
by Christian Ratsch,
Terence McKenna (paperback $10 – RARE)
0015. The New Fortune in Your Hand
by Elizabeth Daniels Squire (1960 hardcover $15 – RARE, found listed on Etsy right now for $59!)
0016. THE MAGIC OF PERFUME: Aromatics and Their Esoteric Significance Paperback – January by Eric MAPLE (paperback – $50 EXTREMELY RARE, listed on Amazon right now for $596.02)
HERBAL HIGHS – A Guide to Natural & Legal Narcotics, Psychedelics & Stimulants, 1970 by Mary Jane Superweed (paperback $10 VERY RARE)
Home Grown Highs: How to Grow Peyote, Psilocybe and Other Organics, 1983
by Mary Jane Superweed (paperback $10 VERY RARE)
0021. Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness Kindle Edition by Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham (a personal favorite paperback $8)
0022. Dictionary Of Superstitions
by David Pickering (hardcovr $4)
0023. Altered States of Consciousness
by Charles T. Tart – Tart is known for work on the nature of consciousness & altered states, as a founder of transpersonal psychology & for research in scientific parapsychology. (paperback $20 – RARE! currently on Amazon for $139)
0024. The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs by Richard Alan Miller (A Classic! paperback $8)

More Books (no pictures)

  1. David and the Phoenix by Edward Ormondroyd (paperback $2)
  2. The Serpent and the Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist’s Astonishing Journey into the Secret Society of Haitian Voodoo, Zombis and Magic (Hardcover $6)
  3. The Natural Mind: A Revolutionary Approach to the Drug Problem Paperback – December 9, 2004
    by Andrew T. Weil M.D. (paperback $10)
  4. Adams Rib: Analyzes the anti-feminine sex-role stereotypes, implicit and explicit, in such chapters as “Witchcraft and the Moon” and others (1st edition Har/row books) Paperback by Ruth Herschberger, 1970 (paperback $5 EXTREMELY RARE)
  5. What’s in a Name? : How Proper Names Became Everyday Words
    by Eugene Ehrlich (paperback $3)
  6. Conversations with Kurt Vonnegut by William Rodney Allen (paperback $5)
  7. Other Worlds: A Beginners Guide to Planets and Moons Paperback by Terence Dickinson (paperback $3)
  8. Exploring the Sky by Day: The Equinox Guide to Weather and the Atmosphere by Terence Dickinson (paperback $3)
  9. Hot Peppers: The Story of Cajuns and Capsicum by Richard Schweid (Out of Print paperback $5)
  10. From Chocolate to Morphine: Everything You Need to Know About Mind-Altering Drugs Paperback – December 9, 2004 by Winifred Rosen and Andrew T. Weil M.D. (paperback $8)
  11. Mystery And Magic Of Trees And Flowers by Lesley Gordon (hardcover $5)
  12. A Trick Of The Eye: Trompe L’oeil Masterpieces by Eckhard Hollmann and Jurgen Tesch (hardcover coffe-table book $15, sells for $50 to $300 on Amazon)
  13. Yoga Within by Carrie Schneider and Ericka McConnell ($4)
  14. Making Soaps and Scents Hardcover by Catherine Bardey (hardcover $8)
  15. Mala meditation for physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity: Yogic use of malas (prayer beads) to maintain a state of union with the infinite based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan (paperback $5 RARE and OUT OF PRINT)