Practical Witch's Almanac Covers & History

Long ago, the Practical Witch's Almanac was a combination of printable web pages and PDF documents along with links to online articles, recipes, spells, etc.  The Almanac has transformed over the years as you can see in this brief history of its incarnations.

The 2018 editon was the introduction of the new cover in celebration of our 21st year of creating the almanac.  This was also the first year we seriously committed to the new name, The Practical Witch's Almanac. This cover is still used every year, but subtle changes and hidden symbols are added to each year's edition.

This cover was inspired by the classic almanacs of the past two centuries. We created a traditional feel for the cover with a tip of our pointy hats to the classics, including symbols of the Craft. There are also symbols re-drawn from an 1800s family birth certificate.  The hidden symbols and the black and white printing inspired it to be used for coloring by many readers.

The almanac was 8.5 x 11 inches, like a standard piece of paper. Editions were hand bound with plastic spines and came with a half size pull-out travel almanac. This 21st/1st Anniversary Edition was the first major printing (rather than primarily online) and it was the one that grabbed the attention of a publisher. You can download it for free in the Bonus Area of with the login found in your 2019 or 2020 almanac.

Showing vast improvements over earlier incarnations, this edition's cover used the archaic language style found in almanac descriptions from the end of the 20th century, with a Witchy twist of course. The cover was designed to match the new format of with a parchment and red wax seal color scheme.  This cover stayed the same except for changes in the year for several editions until the 2018 rebirth.

For a few years we offered one-page almanacs for both the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.  Some versions were "in the closet" with only non-descript symbols to indicate the Sabbats so it could be used at work or around disapproving friends.  Extra features such as articles were linked on the download-and-print website page in PDF, .doc and .odt versions.

2011 almanacs were generated by php software and were database driven. The lack of personal touch made these programs uninspiring, but functional.

In 2009 it was "Just the facts!" with events listed chronologically and linked to articles.

The short-lived parchment and aqua PaganPath theme was used in these laborously created tables in html.

The final days of the classic blue and white PaganPath theme can be seen here in the 2001 html tables version.

Once events passed, the data automatically deleted on this online version we used long ago.

This theme went on for a few years.

This is an original copy of how the Practical Witch's Almanac looked online in 1998. Things were rough back in the early days of the internet. Graphics were small and the almanac was created with tables in html. Events were linked as usual to articles, recipes, and other information.

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