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Friday Gladheart is the author of The Practical Witch's Almanac, an annual personal planner and guide that has been in publication for over two decades. Her articles and DIY projects have appeared in major Pagan, Wiccan, and secular publications.  She founded in 1996, the oldest and most highly respected online academy for Witchcraft, tarot, and herbalism.  She spends her days teaching, writing, and creating websites while developing a non-profit, organic teaching garden and sanctuary adjacent a National Forest in the southern United States.

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Friday Gladheart (born December 15, 1967) is an author and teacher on subjects of herbs, tarot, Witchcraft, and Paganism. In 1996 she founded the first online academy for Pagans and Witches, She continues to teach several subjects at the online academy. She is the author of the long-running Practical Witch's Almanac which is an annual almanac that has been in publication since 1996.

Pen Name (non de plume)

Friday Gladheart is the pen name or literary double of Audrey Minahan. Born on the full moon and always filled with curiosity, Friday has studied biology, marketing, art (focus on ceramics) and psychology at a variety of universities and colleges.  For over 30 years she has worked as a "private pen", creating books and articles for others as a ghostwriter, but has recently come out of the "broom closet" to author her own works.  You may discover some of her older Witchcraft articles under the name "Volute" or "A. Breitkreutz".

Early Years

In 1984 she began studies in the paranormal, alternative healing, neo-Paganism, Wicca, herbalism, witchcraft and debunking. As there were few resources in the midwest at the time on these topics, she enrolled in both Our Lady of Enchantment: Seminary of Wicca and The Church and School of Wicca simultaneously. These correspondence courses fueled her curiosity and she became initiated into Wicca in 1987.

In 1989 she began publishing "Cognizance & Free Thought" an underground newsletter distributed in universities, libraries and coffee houses throughout Nebraska. The newsletter focused on traditional journalism as well as the burgeoning anti-establishment "zine" culture, covering a variety of topics such as politics, the economy, and the budding neo-Pagan movement.

Always restless and ready for a new challenge, she began "Oak Tree & Ivy Herbals" in 1991, offering natural lip balm, soap and handcrafted "millefiori" style beads from clay. At the same time, she had become the chef at a well-respected country club, the youngest person in the state of Nebraska to run a full professional restaurant kitchen.

In 1996 she founded, home of the oldest Pagan, Wiccan and witchcraft Academy online.

For two decades she worked as a "psychic counselor" with a national psychic helpline, eventually becoming the manager and then vice president of the corporation, organizing over 250 readers across the United States, managing media placement and assisting West Interactive Corporation with programming, brainstorming and voice-over recording for some of the first effective voice-recognition and telephone credit card payment systems. Her voice can still be heard on many recorded messages when providing billing information for numerous companies served by West.

Friday was considered "gifted" as a young person, and in 1992 was given the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale by a trained psychologist, scoring 183 or "highest genius".

And into the 21st Century

In 2013 she became a Master Gardener with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Extension and Research. In 2018 she became the editor of the local chapter's newsletter. She continues to teach gardening skills to the community at regular Master Gardener meetings across Arkansas and serves the local community through beautification projects sponsored by the organization.

She volunteers for many community projects, including the local Chamber of Commerce, and helps develop forest trails through several volunteer organizations. She hosts over 50 neo-Pagan websites free of charge and is the publisher of,, and (home of the Practical Witch's Almanac).

She currently lives on a Pagan sanctuary that she founded with her partner in 2012. The sanctuary adjoins the Ouachita National Forest and is a teaching garden, food-bank orchard, and hub of several volunteer and community outreach project.

Friday makes her own face cream.  The author's picture was taken in 2019, at age 52.

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