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February 8, 2021

Today is Kite Flying Day and Waitangi Day

Cover Reveal

The 2022 cover of The Practical Witch's Almanac is currently being created. Here's the latest draft without the white added yet. This is the 25th Anniversary Edition.

Study Guides are Here

January & February

We ran late on the study guides at the beginning of the year, but they are here now. Let's all catch up together.
Thieves Oil - Dr. Thief's Shield and Protect Oil

New Items

Thieves Modernized

The classic oil known for its properties of luck and protection, along with its clean, herbal-citrus-spice fragrance, has been updated into the most synergistic and powerful version ever created.

Other New Items
  • Hand-poured organic soy wax candles with essential oils
  • Real hot processed soap with essential oils, shea butter, olive oil, and more.
  • The Practical Witch Podcast
  • Witch Academy Membership Discounts

What's Next?

Calendar Sync

Returning next week! The Goggle calendar of The Practical Witch's Almanac will be available so you can sync the data in your almanac to any device.