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The 2020 edition of the Practical Witch's Almanac is about Walking Your Path.

We will be exploring the rich diversity of Witchcraft and Witches.  Please share a little bit of your story.  Fill out the quick questionnaire on this page and you will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of this year's 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac: Expanding Horizons.

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Pat from New Hampshire: For me, deity is omnipresent and I place pictures of space, stars, or the Milky Way on the wall above my altar to represent Deity. I do not separate Deity into sexual polarities and don't adhere to organizational forms such as patriarchy and matriarchy.  What I do feel is that gender should not matter. I belong to a coven in which decisions and ritual workings are based on the unity of a circle.  Each covener takes turns coming up with ideas for ritual and there is no High Priest or High Priestess.

GreenLady Shares her Path:
GreenLady sees the Goddess as Gaea, the primal mother of all things. Her animistic-like view is that the Goddess is present everywhere, and that Mother Earth is a living entity with consciousness. She feels that the God is the Sun which brings light and life to the creative womb of the Earth. The Goddess is represented on her altar with a small Venus of Willendorf statue (such as the one in the picture) and the God is represented with grains, wheat, and sunflowers.

Alex's Views 
Alex started his studies in a Gardnerian coven, but after only a few months with them, he moved to a city very distant from his home coven. Currently, he is with an Alexandrian coven which practices according to his views of Deity. He now considers himself an Alexandrian. Alex sees the God as aspected in the Oak King of the Waxing year (Yule to Midsummer) and the Holly King of the Waning year (Midsummer to Yule). He uses oak branches and acorns, or holly to represent the God on his altar. The God in both aspects dies and is reborn. The Goddess also changes in her aspects as Earth Mother and the lunar Queen of Heaven.

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