The 2018 Almanac front cover



Every day is a gift filled with magic and wonder. The Earth provides us with a beautiful dance of seasons and cycles, waltzing in the planetary ballroom of our galaxy. Your Almanac is a very personal companion inviting you to join in on that dance every day.

Hundreds of hours of meticulous astronomical calculations and deeply intuitive psychic sessions bring you an almanac that will help you understand the patterns and cycles of nature and its subtle magical energies. It speaks to the Practical Witch in all of us, no matter what your individual spiritual path may be. We all travel through the universe on the same massive space ship Earth, participants in the same dance of life.

Of course there are days when we are stressed from the mundane and feel disconnected from our magic. The unique design of The Practical Witch's Almanac brings you back to your magic, re-connecting you with the wonder of nature when the world seems cold and flat. It invites you to join the harmonious dance of and experience the awe it evokes.

Includes lunar phases, sunrise and sunset times, equinoxes and solstices, “Supermoons” and eclipses, gardening tips, recipes, trivia, federal holidays, meteor showers and much more.

Welcome to both the 1st and the 21st Edition of the Practical Witch's Almanac. Originally a twenty year project of, the Almanac developed from website pages to printed versions, with add-ons for calendar apps.  Now the Almanac is 21 and all grown up. It has its own name that better reflects its personality, its own website, and new independent authors.